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Summer Indulgence

Summer Indulgence

Summer Indulgence by Kaye Thomas EichnerIn the land of the tropics, the land of St. John, and the land of endless summer, there is a sense of living in the moment.  Ride the waves, now. Enjoy the beach, now.  Have a fresh lemonade.  Indulge.  The surf might not be here tomorrow, maybe you’ll be too busy for the beach tomorrow, or just maybe those lemons you’ve been waiting to make lemonade with won’t last ’til tomorrow.  

 Indulge in summer, in life and what better way to do so than surrounding yourself with beauty and art.  There is a pleasure in viewing art, a sense of wonder and mystic.  And don’t just view my art; use it.  Use it daily.  Allow it to be a reminder that you did ride that surf, “waisted” an entire day at the beach, and best of all, when life gave you lemons- you made lemonade!


-Kaye Thomas Eichner