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-Kaye Thomas Ceramics

Launch by Kaye Thomas EichnerThe large vessels birthing galaxies reference pre-columbian secondary burial urns. Secondary burial urns were created to hold the bones and jewels of the deceased. These vessels are an exploration of my own spiritual path and the belief that we are all connected and we are in essence all the same: made of energy. From burial urns to manifestation vessels, each vessel suggests the universal mother and is meant to hold symbolic objects that it's keeper would want to flourish in life. In essence, this creates symbolic energy for abundance of the object. That which you put energy into will come back to you.

The stars above are dying stars, some of which are exploding and others have become white dwarfs. Even in death there is such beauty. As these stars die their energy changes and the matter compresses, however the state of change, the energy stays constant and merely changes form.

As the curator of “Launch,” I originally titled the exhibition referring to my career and the end of my residency at Callanwolde. Now, as life comes full circle, and I reflect upon this journey- so too does the energy come full circle.

-Kaye Thomas Eichner