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Delight in the Unexpected

Delight In The Unexpected

St. John Ceramics by Clay Kaye EichnerWhat makes you smile? For me, it is the unexpected little things that bring joy to my life.  When I am out walking with my dogs and I see a gorgeous flower in bloom or going for a swim at Francis Bay and I come across a sea biscuit or find new sea life I never even knew existed here in the Virgin Islands.  I was pleasantly surprised when a dear friend stopped by my home unexpectedly with a box of random objects someone had thrown away.  She said, “You can do something with this!”  

 And I did!  Look closely, by combining elements that perhaps the viewer wouldn’t expect to see in a delightful way to hopefully bring about a smile.  I have created this body of work around the unexpected, from the delights of nature’s flora and fauna, to some local and Greek inspired motifs and designs.   My focus is on fun and exciting magical things all around us.  

 Liven up your home or next dinner party.   The “Sea Urchin Bowls” are the perfect bowls for your kitchen, they can be used for spices while cooking or salt and pepper on the dinner table.  “Sea Biscuit Bowls” might be used to serve candied walnuts or pistachios.  Or set it on your end table to delight you everyday.  Serve roasted beets in “Above Sea Level” pedestal bowls.  

 How will these objects delight and inspire you?  Smile, enjoy life, your surroundings and handmade art!

 -Kaye Thomas Eichner