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caribbanese- the sea

Caribbanese: The Sea by Kaye Thomas Eichner


Caribbanese: The Sea

Kaye Thomas Eichner

As an artist and resident of St. John, Virgin Islands, I am greatly inspired by my surroundings, especially, the forever jaw dropping beauty of the Caribbean Sea, the exquisite coral reefs and brilliant beauty of each sunset over the Caribbean. This captures my attention on a daily basis. For Caribbanese: The Sea, I have incorporated these elements, along with Japanese motifs and forms to create a body of work that expresses such beauty in the water, over the water and it's fluidity.

I have been working with clay for many years. Since the early years of my ceramic career, I have been interested in exploring the idea of energy and it's relationship to the human body and the energy coming out of my body. The sea has such a diversity of energetic flow. Water is a powerful element and may take form as a gas, a solid or a liquid- it may be as destructive just as it is essential to life-it's simply fascinating.

My inspiration from the seas of St. John, Virgin Islands, has derived into the study of the flow of water. I have brought to life the patterns of the sand on the sea floor and it's beautiful ripples caused by the crashing of waves as it hits the beach, rolls back and repeats. As the sunlight changes throughout the day, my color pallet reflects the varieties of greens and blues in the sea and the sky created in such an environment. Also, incorporated into my artwork are the various marine life references from conch shell to basket sponges. The traditional Japanese ceramics forms, philosophies and aesthetics create the perfect pallet to express just that, Caribbanese: The Sea.

 -Kaye Thomas Eichner