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caribbanese2- Interiors & Exteriors

Caribbanese2: Interiors

-Kaye Thomas Eichner

As an artist and resident of St. John, Virgin Islands, I am greatly inspired by my surroundings, especially, the forever jaw dropping beauty of the caribbean sea and the exquisite coral reefs.  This captures my attention on  daily basis.  For Caribbanese2: Interiors, I have incorporated these elements, along with Japanese motifs and forms, to create a body of work for the contemporary  Caribbean tea service.  In Japan, the tea ceremony is highly revered.  There are different forms for each season according to the natural environment.

I have created a summer tea set.  In the summer on St. John, Virgin Island, it's hot outside, hence the open bowl tea forms- to cool the tea.  My color palate ties in the Caribbean, as well as, my inspiration from the sea, marine life and contemporary culture.  Today, many Caribbean residents drink tea with local honey.  The tea is generally a loose leaf tea of various local leaves called bush tea.  The teapots here offer a interior screen to keep the bush tea in the pot and not in your cups.  The tea caddy keeps your tea fresh and contaminate free.  

Throughout my 14 year career as a ceramic artist, I have focused on the ceremony around drinking.  In tea, there is quite a long history that I find fascinating.  It brings art and beauty, culture and friends and family together.

Happy Tea Time

-Kaye Thomas Eichner

Caribbanese2, Exteriors: On The Edge Of Perfection

I have incorporated these elements, along with Japanese motifs and forms.    In the Caribbean, many focus on bringing the beauty of St. John’s island views and luscious landscapes outside, in.   These garden vessels are created as a design element to accent your indoor or outdoor garden.

-Kaye Thomas Eichner